Moving tied to more illegal dumping complaints in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As our society increasingly becomes more mobile, inspectors say moving is generating a growing number of illegal dumping complaints in Kansas City.

Trash piles are not just an urban core problem.

Near NW 82nd Terrace and North Mace Road, neighbors say a pile of furniture and mattresses has been left at the curb for more than a month, and has started to attract other garbage.

As part of FOX4's Problem Solvers campaign, targeting illegal dumping, city inspectors went through the debris Tuesday and determined that it came from a nearby duplex where a renter moved out.

Investigators say people discarding their belongings at the curb when they move happens all around Kansas City.

Instead, the city says anyone can easily schedule a bulk item pickup for free when they're moving.

Now the responsible party will be tracked down to get a $700 ticket.

"We have some tools that are afforded to us to find out where he moves next," Alan Ashurst said, the city's illegal dumping investigator. "If his name doesn’t pop up on the next utility bills, they are in somebody else name, that’s what will happen here. Otherwise we’ll be able to track him down. Hopefully we’ll see."

In rental areas, neighbors say too often there's trash left at the curb every day of the week, as some people have admitted that they don't know when their trash pickup day is.

Groups like Northland Neighborhoods also get involved by sending letters to suspected violators, encouraging them to take responsibility for keeping the area clean.

If you know who's illegally dumping trash in your neighborhood call the city's hotline: 816-513-DUMP.

FOX4 will continue to keep a spotlight on the problem.

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