Raytown city leaders vote to transfer EMS department to fire protection district

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Some Raytown paramedics and EMTs might soon be looking for new jobs.

Raytown's Board of Alderman voted Tuesday to get rid of their EMS department and transfer the license for EMS from Raytown EMS to the Raytown Fire Protection District.

Thirteen full-time employees would get first priority to be hired at the Raytown Fire Protection District but would need to become certified firefighters.

The measure, approved 8-2, calls for the EMS license to be transferred over on Nov. 17.

City leaders said it will improve service by adding a third ambulance and allowing those ambulances to be housed at fire stations around town instead of just at the EMS building. They also point out Raytown is the last local city to have separate services.

“To have kept us out of this process and to have had it happen so quickly here at the last minute was extremely concerning to us and very disappointing to the employees," said Taylor Seedorff, Local 1730 Union president.

Seedorff said there are speedier programs out of state but firefighter certification is usually at least a 3 to 4 month process. Raytown city leaders declined interviews after the vote, but a press release was issued saying the city "will work with EMS to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

Voters would need to approve a levy to fund the new EMS role of Raytown's Fire Protection District. If a levy isn't approved by October 2019, the EMS license would return to the City of Raytown.

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