Sleeping Kansas City man shot one day before 25th birthday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ryan Thompson says early Monday morning he was asleep at a friend’s house near 44th and Indiana in Kansas City when he heard a loud noise.

”I woke up, and I was screaming to my friend that I had been shot. I told her to call 911,” Thompson said about the frightening ordeal.

Thompson told police around 5:30 a.m. a bullet ripped through the wall of the second floor bedroom and hit him in his right thigh.

”Man, there was so much blood everywhere. I’ve never been shot. I’m a cool guy. I don’t believe in violence, and I’m an innocent guy just sleeping. Crazy,” Thompson said.

Paramedics rushed him to Research Medical Center. The young rapper was shot one day before his 25th birthday.

”It’s sad because I couldn’t celebrate my birthday with my family and friends. My mom is kind of sad about it because I have a lot of talent, and I’m her only son,” Thompson said.

Several adults and two children were also asleep inside the home at the time. Thompson told police he’s certain neither he nor his friends were the intended targets. Police say they found four shell casings in the street.

”Now, I’m on crutches in a lot of pain and taking pain killers, but I’m just happy that I’m still here. Whoever did it, I just wish you would turn yourself in,” Thompson said.

”He could have been hit in the head. I told him that. He could have been lying in a different way, and it all would have been over for him, so I am thankful. I really thank God that he’s still here,” Thompson’s longtime friend Angel Phillips said.

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