Son of fallen KCK officer surprised with his motorcycle 2 years after line-of-duty death

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A legacy lives on through a special motorcycle.

Capt. Dave Melton with the KCK Police Department was killed July 19, 2016, when a suspect opened fire on him, trying to avoid arrest.

David Melton, 17, got the surprise of his life Wednesday afternoon, a little more than two years after his father was killed in the line of duty.

Kickstand Dickinson with Hellraisers Fabrication and Cycles helped transform the bike.

“To lose your father and to lose him at such a young age, and to such a violent crime, I can`t even fathom what it would be like,” Dickinson said.

A longtime friend and co-worker of Dave Melton contacted Hellraisers Fabrication and Cycles to surprise his son with his motorcycle.

“Capt. Dave wanted his son to inherit the bike,” Dickinson added.

David just turned 17 and recently got his motorcycle license. He was told he was coming for a memorial for his father, but when he arrived, he realized friends and family had been keeping a pretty big secret.

“I was just like blown away,” David said.

David was presented with a memorial first then they brought out his dad`s bike.

“We didn`t do a lot of customizing of the bike. We just did a little memorial type work on it, so he could feel kind of like his dad is riding with him as he`s riding the bike,” Dickinson said.

“He`s been through a lot, and he does it with stride and strength just like his dad, and to see him smile and look at that and sit on the bike -- it`s wonderful,” said David’s mom, Katie.

“It`s basically a tribute to him in that way already, but even more with everything that`s been done to it,” David said.

Friends, family, law enforcement and media surrounded him in the parking lot as David took it all in.

“To me it`s just a reminder about what happened to him and what he gave up for his community,” longtime friend Master Sgt. Jason Allen, with KCK Police said. “He`d be very worried about his son riding that motorcycle, but he`d be really happy about it.”

The bike includes a replica of Capt. Melton's badge on the gas tank as well as some other personal sayings.

“He`ll be able to look down and see what his dad used to say to him, so on the left side underneath the gas cap we did 'for my little man,' and on the right side under the gas cap we put 'to the moon and back,'” Dickinson said.

“Oh, I love that. I love the little man part the most. He said that every night,” David said with a smile.

Those involved in this surprise said they just wanted to let David know, even a couple years later, people haven`t forgotten about his dad.

“Bikes are scary to me, but at the same time, I also know he has a phenomenal guardian angel that`s going to keep him safe riding it,” Katie said.

David said even though it`s been a little more than two years since his father has passed, now he will always be with him.

Capt. Melton's family surprised him with that same bike when he returned from serving in Iraq.

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