ATF wants answers about how felon passed FBI background check to buy gun

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For more than a month, FOX4 Problem Solvers have been searching for answers on how a convicted felon passed the FBI's background check to buy the gun used to shoot three officers.

Now, others are also demanding answers.

"Three of my friends were shot. A member of my team was shot, injured extensively, so I want the answers to these questions," Eric Immesberger said.

Immesberger is the ATF resident agent in charge or Group 5 Gun Squad. It was his task force that hunted down Marlin Mack after Mack shot and killed UMKC student Sharath Koppu in July.

Marlin Mack

After a 9-day manhunt, undercover officers spotted Mack near the Sky Vue Motel on 40 Highway.

An agent who FOX4 can't identify, was there and said Mack presented a firearm and began what became a long ordeal. Two police officers were shot. The incident came to an end at an abandoned house near 29th and Topping where the third officer was shot.

Then Mack was shot and killed by police.

FOX4 Problem Solvers learned that on the day before that deadly police shooting, Mack bought the AK-47 pistol he used at The Armory in Independence.

The FBI said there was false information on the form the gun shop submitted, allowing Mack to purchase the weapon. But when FOX4 ran the same information, we found him right away.

FOX4 has been pressing for answers, but the FBI has had no further comment.

"I would hope that they are rapidly addressed and made certain that if there was an error at some point, that that error can never occur again," Immesberger said.

The search for answers continues.

After Thursday Night Football, stick with FOX4 as we take an inside look at the elite ATF squad and one of Kansas City's most dangerous jobs.

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