Former KCK Wingstop manager says she caught boss doing drugs in kitchen

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A former manager at a popular KCK restaurant is warning customers about the alleged illegal activity happening behind the kitchen door.

Wingstop is proud of its chicken and boasts on Facebook about its "dope" side dishes. But former manager Jalisya Haskins said there's a much more serious "dope" inside.

"The first day working there, he had dropped a bag actually, a little small bag with cocaine, I guess, in it on the ground," Haskins said of her boss. "And one of the other employees had seen it. He just scooped it up with his leg and put it in his pocket."

Haskins made her concerns known but said nothing was done.

This week, she busted her boss and another employee emptying a white powdery substance into several small lines on a mirror in the kitchen. She caught it all on camera.

"I was a manager at many places, so I know what are the do,s and don'ts," she said. "And what he was doing was not OK."

Her biggest worry: The apparent drug use was happening on top of food boxes in the kitchen, potentially putting the public at risk.

"Literally, he did it on top of the potatoes, so your fries could've had the drug in there. And obviously he didn't care because he kept doing it," Haskins said.

She contacted a regional manager and corporate HR, but she said instead of her boss getting laid off, she was fired.

So she took her story to social media, and at least one other former employee said she witnessed drug activity in the restaurant, too.

"I don't even want the job back. I just want them to find a better general manager for that store," Haskins said.

Police are investigating the allegations. FOX4 also reached out to Wingstop multiple times over the past week, and the company has not responded.

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