New horror-themed escape room with haunted house feel opens in West Bottoms

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A new horror-themed live-action escape room is opening this weekend in the West Bottoms.

The Basement's owner and game master Kayden Ressel has opened similar escape rooms featuring live actors in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The warehouse location at 1600 W. 8th Street is spooky in itself, set aside from other buildings.

Once inside, Ressel informed our FOX4 crew, "Unfortunately today you've all been kidnapped by a cannibalistic serial killer named Edward R. Tandy who lives in the basement of his deceased mother`s home, who`s created this sick and twisted game to see if you guys deserve to live beyond today."

Ressel said the puzzles, clues and tools you'll need to escape in the 45-minute time period aren't much harder than other escape rooms, but "it definitely changes the landscape a lot to know there`s someone in there that`s going to make things more difficult for you."

See how FOX4's Dave D'Marko and co-workers fared in The Basement in the video player above.

The live-action horror-themed escape room experience opens this Friday and will be open year-round. Tickets are $32. Click here for more information.

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