Thieves repeatedly targeting Salvation Army in Northland

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Stealing is bad enough, but from a nonprofit whose sole purpose is to help those in need? Thieves have been targeting the Salvation Army's Northland location.

“I have my personal camper parked in our church parking lot because I was about to put it into storage after a season. And I came to work on Tuesday morning, I looked over -- I always glance over -- and something was missing. It was my camper,” said Maj. James Mungai, the senior pastor and corps officer of the Salvation Army of the Northland.

It's been a rough couple weeks for the Northland Salvation Army and Mungai.

“A couple weeks ago, we came and found that all of our service parts of the lights were popped open and none of the lights in the parking lot were working because they stripped all the wires out of the lights,” he said.

Mungai's 24-foot Gulf Stream Ameri-Lite camper was stolen, and now half of their parking lot is dark at night until they get insurance to cover the cost of repairs, which will be about $3,000.

“We're an easy target. We do help people. If they would just ask, we help people with things they need,” Mungai said. “It does take money away from the real good, and that`s helping other people in need.”

Mungai said they had a trailer stolen a couple years ago, and a couple months ago, someone tried to break into their maintenance shed, too.

Now, he said they're going to install cameras at the 53rd and North Oak Trafficway location.

“If we constantly get hit like this, that`s going to cause us to have to divert those funds that we could help other people with, to get those things taken care of,” Mungai said.

Police confirmed the incidents but said they have no leads on suspects.

“If they would use the same creativity in popping these panels off and stripping the wires and cutting through very thick locks -- if they used that creativity, that ingenuity and that gumption for good, they would be very successful,” Mungai said. “It disappoints me. I pray for the persons that did this because they are in need of something that only God can give, and so I pray for them.”

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