61-year-old beaten on KC bus by another rider after checking on driver

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Adrian Belcher says on the night of August 8, he was on a KCATA bus heading south through North Kansas City when his routine ride home took a wild turn.

”A gentleman got on the bus and started talking to the bus driver real mean to the bus driver in a belligerent manner. He was just cursing her out,” Belcher said.

He said the man got on the bus and was fuming because the driver accidentally passed him up.

”She proceeded to go through the light, but he started talking crazy to her. She then pulled over,” Belcher said.

The driver ordered the man off her bus.

Belcher said before the raucous rider got off, the man kept shouting at the driver and threw a dollar bill at her.

”I hopped out of my seat in the back, and I went to check on the bus driver, just to make sure she was OK because it looked like he hit her. He came back on the bus and asked me what did I want? I’m telling him, son, calm down and then he attacks me,” Belcher said.

The 61-year-old said the rider, who appeared to be in his 20's, repeatedly punched him. Belcher said he suffered a concussion, a knot on his forehead and a swollen left jaw.

A security camera caught the wild bus brawl on video as several riders looked on.

”I covered up. I went under the seat, came back up and he thought I was through, but I kicked him in the groin and then he got off the bus,” a furious Belcher said.

Police say the rider ran off.

More than a month later, they’re still looking for him and Belcher’s still fighting mad because he said the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority hasn’t paid his medical bill.

”I now have a bill that’s more than $800, and I want them to pay it. I’ve talked to their insurance adjuster, and he said they looked at my claim but decided not to pay it because he said I should not have gotten involved in that incident. I was just concerned about their driver. I did what anybody would have done. I bet next time I will just call the police. If he’s not beating her or stomping on her, I will not get involved,” Belcher said.

In a statement sent to FOX4, KCATA said, “The operator was unharmed and continued on her route. This was an isolated incident between two passengers. The safety and security of the KCATA system was not compromised.”

Belcher now plans to take the bus company to small claims court.

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