Contractor takes thousands from metro homeowner then disappears — again

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A metro contractor FOX4 Problem Solvers has warned you about before is back in the news again with another elderly victim.

Rony Guardiola walked around the outside of his Independence home, pointing to all the places where he paid to have work done.

“He was supposed to replace all the sidings, the gutters and the awnings," said Guardiola, a hard-working father and grandfather and the latest victim of Bounmy Suady, a Jackson County contractor with the a nasty reputation.

Rony Guardiola

Guardiola gave Suady the $12,000 he’d received from his insurance company after the exterior of his house was damaged by a hail storm. The transaction took place in April 2017 -- and Suady hasn’t done a single thing.

“He gives me dates and times but never comes by,” said Guardiola, who thought he could trust Suady because he once had been a friend of his son.

As the months rolled by, Suady kept coming up with new reasons he couldn’t work. Finally, to appease an increasingly frustrated Guardiola, Suady gave him a letter promising he would refund his money if the job wasn’t started by April.

But when April came, Suady never appeared and neither did the majority of Guardiola’s refund though Suady did give him back $4,000.

It was a story FOX4 Problem Solvers had heard before from another senior citizen: June Lowe in Sugar Creek

“I'm pretty upset,” said Lowe who paid Suady nearly $30,000 to rebuild her home after nearly half of it was destroyed by an electrical fire.

After paying two people a few hundred dollars to gut the damaged portion of the house, Suady never did any more work.

Bounmy Suady

“I need my house back,” Lowe said with tears in her eyes. “School's going to start soon, and I need my (family) back in my home.”

It’s a felony in Missouri to defraud the elderly. Police in both Sugar Creek and Independence are investigating; however, the Jackson County prosecutor claims the case can’t be prosecuted. The prosecutor said this is a civil matter, meaning Guardiola and Lowe would have to sue Suady to get their money back.

But Suady is difficult to find to even serve with a lawsuit. Even if they were lucky enough to find him to sue him, it’s unlikely they would ever be able to collect any money.

Since the Jackson County prosecutor is not pursuing Suady, Problem Solvers recommends anyone owed money by him to contact the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

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