Son of man in wheelchair killed in hit-and-run calls proposed punishment insulting to his memory

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The son of a man in a wheelchair, who was killed while crossing a downtown street by a hit-and-run driver, says the criminal justice system is failing him.

Phillip Noel, 51, died in May at 11th Street and Charlotte Avenue in what relatives call a callous crime.

Police say Noel was crossing the street in his wheelchair in the crosswalk, with the light, when a car with expired temp tags ran over him.

Noel's son doesn't want his face shown or name used because he's just learned that the driver charged with killing his father, 21-year-old Ramello Robinson, had his bond reduced and may be released.

The victim’s son also claims the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office told him Robinson may plead guilty if he faces punishment of no more than four years behind bars.

The son says that's not justice for a driver who left a paralyzed man on the pavement to suffer.

"This man not only left the scene of an accident, but at the scene of that accident, left my father there dead," Noel's son said. "It’s pretty upsetting to know that someone can leave someone dead at an accident and do a hit-and-run and only have to serve up to four years in prison. That’s if he gets any time at all."

Noel's son says Robinson did not have a driver's license. He should not have been behind the wheel. Police say the car he was driving was not registered and did not have insurance. And the son says Robinson had to crash again while unlawfully driving for police to find him and take him into custody. The son believes he's a danger to the public.

In a strange twist, the son says his father became paralyzed as the result of another hit-and-run crash. A driver who has never been identified struck Noel while he was riding a bicycle.

Robinson is scheduled to be back in court November 6.

In emails to FOX4, a spokesman for the Jackson County prosecutor said Wednesday afternoon no plea agreement has been reached in the Robinson case. The spokesman also said prosecutors did oppose the bond reduction for Robinson.

The prosecutor's office has set up meetings with Noel's family and declined to discuss the case further until after those meetings.

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