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Metro residents show their support for local police in ‘Working for Blue’ initiative

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It was a long and inspiring day, as people from throughout the metro showed support for those who keep us safe.

FOX4's Working for Blue got off to a strong start right from the beginning.

Viewers started calling in at the start of Thursday's telethon, donating money to provide bulletproof vests and helmets for law enforcement agencies that don't have the equipment needed to keep officers safe.

"As a police officer, I have had the feeling lately that we aren't very popular," said Sgt. Allen Kintz with the Blue Springs Police Department. "But things like this make you understand that most people really do support you."

"The public doesn't realize we have no protection against rifle threats," said Jake Skifstad, founder of nonprofit SHIELD 616. "We are expected to protect you, but yet we have no protection while we are trying to do that."

Donations kept pouring in all day.

"A gentleman who called in, and he wanted to donate the full cost of the vest, which is $1,200, in honor of his brother who was a police officer in Miami, Florida, who was shot," Clinton police officer Nate Bettencourt said. "So that was a pretty big deal."

Bettencourt has been on the wrong end of a bullet. These donations will help protect brave men and women like him.

"Thank you so much," he said. "You know it means the world to us, and we know you guys are there. Thank you."

Although Thursday's telethon is over and phone lines are closed, we're not done yet. You can still donate online here. Help protect those who protect us.

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