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Metro pizza chain owner offers helping hand to out-of-work Little Caesars employees

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After FOX4 aired a story about laid-off Little Caesars employees going through a tough time trying to get their final checks, the owner of more than two-dozen Domino's Pizza locations in the metro contacted our newsroom.

Jamie Paulsen said he wants to hire those former employees and pay them the money they were shorted.

"Once we saw that, we said, 'Hey, there’s an opportunity,'" Jamie Paulsen said. "We need people. We can help them."

Johnathan Caswell-Miller is one of about 140 former Little Caesar's employees who lost their jobs a couple weeks ago and couldn't cash their last checks. He needed supplies for his 2-year-old daughter and had to borrow money to buy baby wipes.

"I had very little wipes left," Caswell-Miller said. "I didn`t think I`d make it through the day. I didn`t have no way to get any money because I couldn't cash the check at that time."

A day after his first attempt, he was able to cash his check. His next hurdle is finding another job. He's going to reach out to Paulsen.

"Most of our stores could use the extra help," Paulsen said. "Our stores have really taken off here in the Kansas City market over the last year. We plan on building 10-15 stores in the next three years."

Paulsen started out doing deliveries for Domino's Pizza and worked his way up. He owns 40 locations total and is in a position where now, he can help people.

"I think that`s amazing that someone is willing to just stick their arm out there and help the people that just are jobless now because of the inconvenience of just losing our jobs out of know where," Caswell-Miller said.

Paulsen even offered to pay the Little Caesars employees the money they were shorted.

"If they spend 90 days with us, we`d love to help them out and give them that week`s pay," Paulsen said.

That's music to Tiffany Weddle's ears.

"I think it's awesome they come and step up and show that they're worth working for," said Weddle, a former Little Caesar's employee.

Unlike Caswell-Miller, she hasn't been able to cash her check from Little Caesars.

"I've taken it to a bunch of banks, and they just tell me the funds aren't there or another reason," Weddle said.

Weddle said she hasn't gotten a straight answer from the franchise owner or his attorney about when she'll see her money.

"I've done so much for them, and I just wish they would come forward and give us our money," Weddle said.

The attorney for the Little Caesars franchise owner said  he doesn't know why Tiffany's check won't go through. He did say 17 employee checks were cashed Thursday.

If you're looking for a job, you can contact Paulsen at 816-407-9079 for more information.

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