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President Trump visits Topeka amid Kavanaugh vote, upcoming elections

TOPEKA, Kan. -- President Donald Trump left Topeka Saturday night following a rally for Republican Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, who is running for Governor.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was a talking point during the rally, as the decision came just hours before the president's appearance. He told thousands at The Expo Center, the vote to approve Judge Kavanaugh on the supreme court is historic, as thousands more listened to him talk from a large projector outside.

Earlier in the day, the 'Trump Train' of supporters trailed through the parking lot. It snaked around for for what must have been miles with supporter after supporter waiting for hours to get inside.

"It's energetic. It's fun," said supporter, John Athon of Topeka. "They're stoked, excited, happy to be here."

Unofficial vendors walked through the crowds with wagons bursting with MAGA gear, including hats inscribed with 'President Trump 2020.'

"Get your souvenirs here guys! Trump hats!," one vendor called.

"I'm from a small town," said 18-year-old Aaron Daniels. "I've probably got 300 to 500 people in my town, and probably from this tree to that tree there's 500 people. It's crazy. I've never seen this many people before."

More than 20,000 tickets were given out to the event, but only 11,000 were able to go inside.

"The last time I saw a sitting president it was President Reagan," said life-long conservative, Sharon Sweeney.

"It's important for us to come here and have our voices heard, because we do exist, and we are here to make a change," said Emporia State University student, Mackenzie Haddix. "We are the future."

Everyone was ready to see their president take the stage after the final vote to approve Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the supreme court. President Trump telling his supporters they were with him on a "truly historic night."

"It gives me hope that this country for at least the next thirty to forty years will be on the right track,"Athon said.

"It's super cool that today's a rally, and that's also happening," Haddix said.

However, out on the corner outside the event center, other college students didn't think it was so cool.

"It's beyond political beliefs," said Emporia State University student, Emma Persinger. "It's the fact that I just don't think he`s a good man, and I think the majority of Americans would agree with that."

"You must mobilize, organize, register, and vote republican," President Trump told the crowd in support of gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach. "We need more republican votes."

Kobach is trailing in the polls slightly, and democratic candidate Laura Kelly has a chance to take the seat.

"Really hoping to see a lot of people turn up and vote," said Garrett Tatro, 20, of Emporia. "Really hoping for a lot of the democratic candidates to make an impact."

"I think it's super important," Haddix said. "A lot of us think that our vote doesn't matter, but it does - especially now, more than ever."

Ultimately, the choice will be up to the people of Kansas, with President Trump telling the crowd not voting wasn't an option.

The President told the crowd he plans to finalize Kavanaugh's appointment onto the Supreme Court at The White House on Monday night.

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