Investigation underway for missing 4-year-old in Ottawa

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OTTAWA, Kan. -- The Ottawa Police Department is investigating a case involving a missing 4-year-old boy.

John Tinsley reported his son, Jax Tinsley, missing on Thursday after the boy’s mom missed a custody hearing at the Johnson County Courthouse.

“I just want him home,” Tinsley said while crying. “I want him safe. He has a lot people here that love him, and he has to be safe.”

John said he last saw his son on October 1st. He didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary until Jax’s school recently called him.

“They called me concerned about his well-being and his safety and wanting to know what’s going on and why he’s been out of school since the second of October,” Tinsley said.

Jax was living with his mom, Trina Tinsley, in Ottawa, but John said he’s been fighting for visitation rights since Jax was born.

“She didn’t want me in my son’s life and hasn’t for four years since he was born,” Tinsley said.

Shortly after Trina failed to appear at a custody hearing last week, a judge granted John temporary custody citing that she had “threatened to abduct the child” and “recently obtained a passport,” among other reasons.

“I feel that he’s not in a safe spot,” Tinsley said.

In an email to FOX4, the assistant police chief for the Ottawa Police Department said that Trina and Jax moved out of their Ottawa home “at least three weeks ago and their whereabouts are unknown.” He later added that the department has requested a warrant for her arrest.

“It’s like a part of me is dead now that he’s gone,” Tinsley said.

As of Sunday, Jax was listed as missing on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website; Trina was listed as his abductor.

Tinsley believes Trina may have taken Jax to Texas where she has friends, but he fears she could be out of the country given that she has the means to do so.

Ottawa police released this image of the actual vehicle they think the little boy's mom is driving.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Trina Tinsley and Jax Tinsley, call the Ottawa Police Department at 785-242-1700.

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