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More than 800 pets adopted in KC metro this weekend

Volunteers at the 2018 KC Pet Project celebrate in empty kennels after a successful KC Mega Match.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was a huge weekend for pet adoptions throughout the city.

It was the seventh year that four shelters in the metro joined forces in the KC Mega Match. Their goal was to find matches for 1,000 pets and owners in three days.

Every dog, cat, kitten, puppy, lizard and rabbit was only $25. They only do it once a year in an effort to clear out the crowded shelters before winter weather sets in.

Organizers said this year was a big success.

“This has been a great weekend for pets in Kansas City,” Tori Fugate with KC Pet Project said. “We’ve found homes for hundreds of pets across the metro between KC Pet Project, Great Plains SPCA, Wayside Waifs and the Lawrence Humane Society. We are thrilled that there were wonderful families made as a result of this event.”

This year’s event got more than 800 animals homes.

If you missed the Mega Match, no worries, there are still plenty of pets to adopt. You just have to pay full price until the next adoption special.


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