Springfield couple gets married with matching Harry Potter tattoos

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A couple is starting off their married life with a huge warm-welcome from Harry Potter fans around the world.

Instead of exchanging traditional rings, they opted for Harry Potter themed tattoo-rings. Newlyweds, James and Sara Baumann, tweeted about their new ink. Then J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, retweeted their picture with the following caption:

“Some things catch you hard in your emotions when you’re least expecting it. This did, for me. From a slightly teary author, be happy. #Always.”

For the couple, the special tweet made their wedding day all the more special.

The couple said they had thought about doing matching tattoos for awhile, partly because they are big Harry Potter fans. The bride claims to be a Slytherin and the groom claims to be a Hufflepuff.

Tattoo artist Steffanie Blevins was invited to the wedding and attended.

“It’s really cool and symbolic to them, but it’s really cool that they’re getting the engagement that’s big and viral. It’s awesome. I’m happy for them” said Blevins.

The couple said they are thankful for the worldwide support for their marriage.