Business owners lend a hand to homeowner who lost $8,000 after contractor disappeared

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- For those growing weary of all the bad news in the world, this is a happy tale.

It all takes place in Independence at the home of Rony Guardiola.

Perched on top of Guardiola’s home is Rocky Metcalfe, owner of RPM Guttering. Metcalfe spent the day installing new gutters at the house after learning about the Independence man's frustrations on FOX4 Problem Solvers.

Guardiola was a victim of contractor Bounmy Suady. Guardiola paid Suady $8,000 to put gutters and siding on his home -- but never got any.

Metcalfe was outraged when he saw the story and immediately called Problem Solvers to offer his help.

“I've been so successful over my years that I wanted to give back because I'm tired of seeing people taken advantage of,” Metcalfe said. “ It's just not right.”

A week later, Metcalfe was sawing, cutting, nailing and bolting new gutters to Guardiola’s home.

And the good news kept coming as Blake Clarkson and David Todd, the owners of Integrity Roofing, Siding and Windows, arrived at Guardiola’s home. They offered to put new siding on Guardiola’s home for free.

“We want this to be something that when you drive home every day you go, 'Wow, that's my house,'" Clarkson said. “That's what we really want to see. “

Two great companies making a difference in one man’s life.

“I feel blessed that somebody sent you my way to figure out how to fix my problem,” a clearly astonished Guardiola said. “Thank you very much.”

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