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4 teens seriously injured after car crashes into house, catches fire near Smart and Jackson

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Four teenagers are badly hurt after crashing their car into a house Tuesday morning just before 8 a.m. It happened in the Historic Northeast at the corner of Smart and Jackson avenues.

The driver lost control, hitting a tree, then the home, catching fire and trapping everyone inside the car.

Neighbors are saddened but not surprised because of what they witness on this street every day.

“Just sittin’ there talking and like -- boom!” neighbor Bobby Stivers said.

Stivers said he sprung out of bed and went outside to see what had happened. He found a silver car, smashed into the house across the street and bursting in flames.

“I ran over there and didn’t see nobody in the car. Hollered and nobody said anything and didn’t hear nothing for response. Had my phone on me, so went ahead and called 911,” Stivers said.

A passerby helped pull one person out of the burning car. Firefighters then put out the flames fast. Part of the car collapsed, forcing rescuers to use the jaws of life to save three more teens trapped inside. All four were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, including burns.

“Prayers go out to the families and them,” Stivers said.

Investigators believe speed may be to blame for this horrific crash.

Neighbors are heartbroken but not surprised.

“This intersection is like the Indianapolis 500. Cars speeding right through the intersections. Don`t care about the stop signs or anybody else’s welfare. It’s just scary,” neighbor Thomas Stivers said.

He said, in his three years living on Jackson Avenue, he's witnessed at least four serious wrecks.

“I don`t know what the heck to do, how to make it safer,” Thomas Stivers said.

You can actually drive five blocks along Smart Avenue without a single stop sign.

And the Stivers family said if something isn't done, they fear more people will be seriously hurt or killed in crashes here.

“Slow it down. Be safe. So you can see tomorrow,” Bobby Stivers said.

No one was inside this house when the crash happened. The structure has minor damage.

FOX4 has yet to receive an update on the conditions of the four teens involved in the crash.

Right after the crash occurred, a truck carrying a trailer crashed into an ambulance at Independence Avenue near Askew. That ambulance was responding to the car into the house. No one was seriously injured.

Meanwhile, in response to speeding concerns in the neighborhood, the Kansas City Public Works Department shared the following response:

“Any speeding complaints can be called into KCPD as an enforcement request. Public Works doesn’t have any complaints via 311 about speeding here (in the location where the crash occurred). We regularly monitor city intersections to ensure proper traffic control is in place based on federal requirements as outlined in the Federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Traffic calming devices can be pursued by neighborhoods through PIAC requests."

Ambulance heading to scene of car into house hit by truck and trailer on Independence Avenue near Askew Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018.

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