KC clinic offering free mammograms through NFL ‘Crucial Catch’ grant

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The NFL wants to help women catch breast cancer early, so the league is teaming up with the American Cancer Society to make mammograms affordable for women who might not have the means.

For the second year in a row, the Samuel Rodgers Health Center near 8th Street and Euclid in downtown KC is offering free mammograms thanks to a grant from the NFL. It’s part of the NFL’s Crucial Catch initiative.

But once that money runs out, health professionals here can still tap into other grants to make sure women on a limited budget can afford to get a mammogram.

They don’t want women to have any excuse to not catch the cancer as soon as possible.

“Don’t wait. I cannot stress that enough. Don’t wait,” said Paula Hoffman, a mammography specialist. “My mom didn’t have $100 to pay for her diagnosis, and she had to wait to be diagnosed, and the cancer was growing the entire time, so don’t wait.”

“Just regular visits to your physician, regular care. You can catch a disease like this early, make a crucial catch, if you will, and be able to win in the battle against breast cancer,” said Randy Withers with the Samuel Rodger Health Center.

Health professionals say women should typically begin getting an annual mammogram once they turn 40.

To set up an appointment, visit the health center’s website.

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