Union Station’s newest exhibit will play tricks on your mind

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A new, local museum wants to mess with your mind.

Called the Museum of Illusions, it is located inside Union Station and filled with dozens of mind tricks.

This is only the second such museum in the United States - the other is in New York.

In one room, visitors stand on one end and look like a giant while the person on the other end looks tiny. There are slanted floors and mirrors and moving tunnels - all meant to trick your mind and even make you dizzy.

It is also educational, teaching kids about the power of the mind.

"It's different than any museum in Kansas City," Director Alex Doroskovs said. "You can actually do things you wouldn't be allowed to do at other museums. How so? You can run around, have fun, laugh, scream. Do anything you want. Just please don't damage the exhibits."

The Museum of Illusions opens Friday inside Union Station.

The cost is $10 for kids, $15 for adults and free for kids under five.

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