After child hit by car, Waldo neighborhood continues pressing for sidewalks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A young girl is recovering after being hit by a car while walking home from school.

It happened Wednesday night near 89th and Oak in Kansas City.

It turns out that stretch of road has a history of concerns, and neighbors are taking action, hoping to make it safer.

“Every day we see people zooming by. The speed limit is 30, of course, and people go 50,” neighbor Cassie Snedden said.

Snedden and her husband just moved into their home on 89th Street between Holmes and Wornall.

They quickly discovered what longtime neighbors know about how dangerous this stretch of road can be.

“It's just a wonder nobody has been killed in the years we've lived here,” Billie Jo Gowler said.

For Snedden, her family's concerns hit a boiling point this week.

“It was traumatic. We heard a huge thud,” she said.

The Center School District said a 12-year-old girl was hit by a car, and witnesses indicate she was badly injured.

“Couldn't speak, couldn't move. It was very tragic,” Snedden said.

The child is expected to recover. But neighbors are now more desperate than ever for change.

“We saw it coming. We knew it was going to happen eventually. Unfortunately, it did happen, and something has to be done,” Snedden said.

Gowler's the treasurer on the board for the Santa Fe Hills Homes Association in the area.

“Nobody can use the road safely in the condition it's in,” Gowler said.

The group submitted photos, along with letters of support from Center Schools and the Veterans Home on Troost.

They're working with PIAC, the Public Improvements Advisory Committee, hoping to get sidewalks installed.

“There's a wonderful sidewalk on Holmes at the south end of Center High School. But the moment you cross the street, there's nothing,” Gowler said.

Even 5-year-old Sonya La Faver knows more safety measures are needed. Her family’s dog, Fred, was hit and killed by a car there last year.

“Slow down and get us some sidewalks!” La Faver said.

There are at least three schools within a mile of the area, making those students not eligible for busing.

It’s all the more reason the homes association is encouraging everyone who lives in this area, or drives through here, to contact their council member with concerns.

PIAC is expected to start reviewing the request for sidewalks Nov. 12.

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