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‘He deserves it’: Chiefs Tyreek Hill speaks up about beer-throwing Patriots fan

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has spoken up about being sprayed with beer after scoring a touchdown at Gillette Stadium.

Last Sunday, late in the fourth quarter, Hill had just run the ball in for a touchdown when a Patriots fan sitting in the front row appeared to purposely spray beer on the 24-year-old.

A Patriots fan throws beer at Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill on Oct. 14, 2018, at Gillette Stadium. The man was later identified, banned from future Patriots games and charged. Photo courtesy John Sleezer/The Kansas City Star.

The next day, the Patriots issued a statement saying that beer-throwing fan has been banned from Gillette Stadium for life. The fan was also charged.

On Friday after practice, Hill initially told reporters he had no comment when asked about the incident. He then went on to say he feels the Patriots fan deserves his punishment, but didn't say much more than that.

"Patriots did their thing. (You) know what I'm saying? I'm just going to let them handle it. Whatever they feel is right to happen to him, he deserves it," Hill said.

Foxborough police charged the 21-year-old fan with disorderly conduct and throwing an object at a sporting event. The man’s name has not been released.

According to ESPN, Foxborough police said the Chiefs didn't show interest in criminal prosecution of the fan, but stadium security and the police decided to pursue it.

The Chiefs return home Sunday night to take on the Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium where hopefully fans should be much nicer if Hill scores a touchdown.

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