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Metro contractor says local man is going to extremes to dupe potential employers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro contractor says a local man is going to extremes to dupe potential employers. The contractor is now sending out a warning to prevent others from experiencing his same fate.

Chris Davis, a residential renovation contractor, said he hired a man who introduced himself as "James" to help him with a project.

“One of my full-time employees was in an accident, I was in a pinch, therefore I looked on Craigslist to fill a temporary position,” Davis said.

Davis said "James" worked for him for four days before he realized something was off.

“He was scheduled to work a fifth day, he didn't show up, my customers had contacted me and said there was an item, a Vitamix blender, that was missing,” Davis said, “I contacted him at the time, to see if he had moved it, if he had seen it, and he said no, and never came back to the job.”

Davis said the blender wasn't the only thing that disappeared. About a week or so went by he noticed some of his tools were missing.

"When we noticed my tools were missing, the clients went and looked through their tools, and they found some of theirs missing,” added Davis.

Davis said "James" is the common link.

Both Davis and the homeowners have filed police reports.

“I think he thought he was going to get away with it, he gave me a fake name, where he went wrong was he told me where he grew up, and it just so happened to be where I grew up,” Davis said.

Davis said he reached out to some people who were able to identify "James."

Typically, FOX4 does not name someone if prosecutors haven't filed charges in a case. While "James" has not been charged with anything at this time, FOX4 is told multiple police reports have been filed against him.

Others who know the man known as "James" refer to him as a 'professional conman.'

Davis said he`s out hundreds of dollars and has to make it right with his clients.

“I`ve had four people contact me that have police reports against him,” said Davis. “I don`t like thieves and he took from me, he took from my family.”

Police recommend asking for a second form of identification to confirm a worker is who they say they are.

Davis wanted to share his story, so others don`t fall for the same trap.

He posted about his experience on a popular social media page.


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