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Caretaker of ‘stolen colon’ finds silver lining in inflatable intestine’s theft

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's a story that made us giggle and cringe a little, too.

News of a stolen inflatable colon, a walk-through model of the body's large intestine, spread quickly via social media. The stolen colon, as it came to be known last week, was taken from a Kansas City nonprofit.

It's still missing, but it's caretaker said it's still doing its job.

It`s been a funny social media story that`s traveled the globe in under a week. That giant inflatable colon, which was taken from a Kansas City nonprofit called Get Your Rear in Gear, remains unaccounted for, as of Tuesday night.

The group`s leader, Stacie Moody, said she never dreamed the story would spread worldwide after the colon was taken from a Brookside driveway last Thursday.

"It's been a crazy, crazy week," Moody said.

The story has been covered by dozens of media outlets and seen my millions of social media users worldwide.

"There was People Magazine, and Vice, Forbes," Moody shrugged.

It wasn't an easy item to steal. The colon is 10 feet long and weighs 150 pounds. Moody said she reported it as stolen last week after it went missing from one of her volunteer's pickup trucks last week in Brookside.

"It's not easy to steal. They had some muscle behind them when they stole it," Moody said.

Cancer specialists at the University of Kansas Health System also use the colossal colon to educate people about colon cancers, which take the lives of 50,000 Americans every year.

Moody said the disappearance of the inflatable colon is a blessing in disguise since people are talking about colorectal cancer and the need to get examined beginning at age 45.

"The rate of young people getting colon cancer is so high now. It's on the rise. We're trying to get people in there earlier," Moody told FOX4.

The National Colon Cancer Coalition has started an online fundraiser, meant to help replace the stolen colon in the event it doesn't show up.

Moody said her nonprofit would like to have the stolen colon back soon. If it`s returned before too much longer, she says no charges will be pressed.

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