Zona Rosa’s new owners planning vibrant new shopping, dining and entertainment area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Zona Rosa's new owners are planning for the future, and they hope to give the area a huge face-lift.

The 1.1 million-square-foot shopping, dining and entertainment center is located at the intersection of Interstate 29 and Barry Road, just minutes away from the Kansas City International Airport.

Zona Rosa faced financial trouble earlier this year after failing to cover bond payments for a 10th-straight year. Then Trademark Property Company, based in Texas, took over in September.

“We already have several design teams from around the country here, and we force them to collaborate and spend two-and-a-half days basically visioning, thinking about, redesigning the possibilities for what Zona Rosa wants to be in the future,” said Terry Montesi, the CEO of Trademark Property.

On Wednesday, those national and local designers, architects and others discussed their vision for the future.

“Retail has to evolve if it`s going to stay relevant,” Montesi said.

Zona Rosa shoppers said they think change would be positive for the outdoor shopping center.

“Just like today, I just came for one store, and I've just been walking around for 15-20 minutes,” said Darryl Handley, a Zona Rosa visitor.

“If projects don`t invest in themselves and evolve constantly, they really lose their relevance,” Montesi said.

No idea is too big or too small.

“Everything from taking buildings down and building new multi-family buildings, building new office buildings, or adding a hotel or two,” Montesi said.

Trademark Property said the goal is to create a vibrant new shopping, dining and entertainment area in the Northland.

“This project`s been a little distressed the last few years, and so the new ownership is ready to invest in the community, invest in this project, and really make it all it can be,” Montesi said.

“It`s always good to keep up with the times,” Handley said.

The changes will begin with small ones, like planting fresh flowers and plants and fixing sidewalks. But you'll start noticing even bigger changes over the next few months.

“It`s obvious the consumer wants relevant new merchandise. They want top local restaurants,” Montesi said.

Trademark Property said the timeline will be around 24 months.

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