Local musician creates ‘Imma Chief’ video to help Chiefs fans show their KC pride

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Chiefs are on fire this season, and a local musician has produced a video to help Chiefs fans across the globe show their team pride.

The song "Imma Chief" is making waves, and now the brains behind the song and video want it played at Arrowhead Stadium.

“It’s a Kansas City Chiefs anthem,” video creator Kevin Dean said. “A few of my fans asked me, 'Hey, you should make a Chiefs song,' so I finally did it.”

Dean, aka "K. Dean," said he couldn't have done it without the help of multiple people. Thousands of views later, the video and song are a hit with fans.

“From that point, we were like, let`s take this further,” Dean added.

Dean has been making music since he was 16. He wanted to shoot the video at Arrowhead Stadium. A friend was having a huge tailgate, so they shot it with them toward the end of last season.

“Everything works out, the weather was great, my family was there, my friends were there,” Dean described.

The shirts and hoodies featured in the video were created by his longtime friend, Jermale Davis.

“He contacted me one day and said, 'Man, what do you think about putting that shirt with the song?' Boom. There it goes,” Davis said.

Davis started Self Made Gear, and he`s created the shirts and hoodies in Chief’s colors to collaborate with "Imma Chief."

“I started designing it, and then I sent it to him, showed him the picture, and he commented on it a day or two later and said, 'We should collaborate and add that to the song,'" Davis said.

Dean and Davis said the Chiefs are killing it right now, which has proved beneficial.

“They are helping this song out a lot!” Dean said. “I`m a huge Chiefs fan! Born and raised in Kansas City, so that`s my team. It`s going to always be my team until I`m dead and gone.”

And they hope the song pumps up all Chiefs fans like it does for them.

“The song inspires me. It hypes me up every times the Chiefs come on,” Davis said.

“It`s doing quite well. The Chiefs are doing well. I`m just hoping that it just keeps elevating,” Dean said.

“We want to get that song aired in the stadium. We want it in the Kingdom. We want it played in the Kingdom,” Davis added.

Dean and Davis are trying to get the attention of the Kansas City Chiefs. They`re hoping this song can be played at Arrowhead.

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