2 more local business help Sugar Creek woman who lost $30k to shady contractor

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SUGAR CREEK, Mo. -- When you lose most of your home to an electrical fire and then your contractor disappears with most of your insurance money, it takes awhile to get back on your feet. June Lowe knows that all too well.

FOX4 Problem Solvers has been covering Lowe's story for months as metro businesses have donated their services to help make her home livable again.

She was almost ready to move back in until she noticed her electricity kept shutting off and her furnace stopped working.

That’s when Fox 4 Problem Solvers called Allen Strausbaugh of Allen’s Electric and HVAC. One call and Straugsbaugh was there ready to donate his time and skills. Boy, did Lowe need them.

One quick look at her breaker box showed the wiring was not only a mess, but also a hazard.

“This wire is rated for 15 amps, and it should be rated for 30,” Strausbaugh said. "It's an easy fix, but I just wanted to point that out. That's not safe.”

In fact, it’s a fire hazard. That’s something Lowe can appreciate since she’s rebuilding her home because of an electrical fire.

Strausbaugh spent a couple days repairing, replacing and upgrading her wiring so Lowe could get her lights on.

Allen’s Electric and HVAC then sent an HVAC expert to help with the furnace where the problems were equally grim.

The furnace couldn’t be turned on because it was filled with mold caused by a serious plumbing leak in the basement. That would have to be fixed first.

That’s when Victor Hernandez, owner of Just Plumbing, came to the rescue. Hernandez said deciding to help Lowe was easy. He spends much of free time donating to charities.

Helping Lowe was a big job. Her pipes had to be relocated. That required cracking into her basement floor.

Two big jobs donated by two big-hearted business owners.

“I couldn't ask for nicer guys,” said Lowe who now has heat, electricity and working pipes.

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