KC police seeking ‘Ninja Burglar’ responsible for multiple thefts, including two Monday

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KANSAS CITY, Mo -- Police said they know him as "the Ninja Burglar."

Officers said they're searching for the crook, who could be to blame for as many as 15 break-ins at local businesses. On Monday morning, two more merchants said they've been ripped off.

"He'd gone through our first entry door and then made his way through this second door," Eric Oligschlaeger said while standing on a pile of glass shreds that used to be to front door to his store.

"We saw him enter into the business and dismantle the alarm within 10 to 15 seconds," Oligschlaeger told FOX4 on Monday morning.

Oligschlaeger operates The Hemp Haus on West 39th Street where he sells legal hemp products. His surveillance cameras caught a man breaking through the glass on the front door of his shop around 3 a.m. Oligschlaeger told Kansas City police the burglar took cash and products valued at $50,000.

"He's calm. It's not some kind of giant rush thing that he's trying to do. He's completely calm," Oligschlaeger said, referring to the burglar.

Kansas City policeĀ  said they know the thief as "the Ninja Burglar" since his body and identity are covered from head to toe, and he's skilled at disarming security systems in a hurry. A police source told FOX4 he could be behind as many as 15 break-ins since 2017.

The Hemp Haus isn't the Ninja's only target. Next door at Tiki Taco, security cameras caught the burglar breaking in and forcing the cash register open.

Caleb McCormick, the restaurant's manager, said the crook didn't get anything during this attempted theft, but he gained entry by disarming the store's security system.

"He's going to keep doing it. You can't get away with stupid things forever," McCormick said. "He's stealing for something. He doesn't have any money. He's going to keep breaking into places until he gets caught up in the wrong one."

A convenience store on West 39th was also broken into, and the owner at Taj Palace restaurant, a popular Indian eatery, said he was broken into a few weeks back. Police said they`re not sure if all the crimes are related, but business owners said it`s time this trouble came to a close.

If you know who's to blame for these break-ins, police would appreciate your help. Call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS. All tips are anonymous.

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