5 easy, pun Halloween costumes you can make at the last minute

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you’re searching for a Halloween costume at the last minute, FOX4’s Michelle Bogowith is here to help.

She’s got five easy (and punny) costumes you can probably make out of things in your closet — or at least with very little work.

Smart cookie: 

All you need is a graduation cap and gown and a package of cookies! It’s easy and it’s an extra treat after a night of trick-or-treating.

Hawaiian punch:

You just need a Hawaiian shirt, a hula skirt, a coconut bra and/or a lei — plus a pair of boxing gloves, of course! Then your ready to knock out the competition in that costume contest.

It’s raining men: 

That umbrella in your closet is the perfect thing to shield you from the men falling from the sky. Just print a few photos of handsome men from your umbrella and make The Weather Girls proud!


This one might be a little tougher for your friends to figure out, which makes it even more fun. Just dust off those old medals and trophies and grab a loaf of bread or two. An easy costume for the win!

Fifty shades of grey: 

Take the bestselling novel to a literal level with a handful of paint swatches taped to your shirt. Bonus points if you can really get 50 different shades of grey into your costume.