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KCK woman frustrated after stolen car sat without wheels, covered with tickets for weeks

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Getting your car stolen is no fun, but imagine learning it could've been recovered just days after it was taken.

That’s what a KCK woman says happened to her, and she’s furious the city didn’t do more.

Abby is still angry her car got stolen while dropping off her daughter at a KCK mobile home park near 65th Street and Kansas Avenue. She filed a police report the day it happened, Sept. 13.

“I kept calling and calling to see if they found it. But they just said they didn’t have anything, to just wait,” Abby said.

She even posted about the theft twice on the popular Stolen KC Facebook page.

But it wasn't until six weeks later when frustrated neighbors who’d already called it into dispatch for a month decided to dial 911. That’s when police went to the neighborhood and found the car dumped at 42nd and Booth.

“The license plate was still on there. The neighbors had told them it’s nobody’s car here. The guy said it had been parked there for a bit over a month,” Abby said.

She went to the spot police found it, only to find a few unpleasant surprises. Her car had front end damage, the tires were gone, and the inside of the car had been ransacked -- and that's not all.

“When I showed up, it had all the parking tickets -- 15 of them. I said, 'What?'" Abby said.

Every ticket had been written by the exact same officer over a month-long period.

“You would think that they would try to figure out why -- and why 15 tickets, why it’s still there. I mean, the tires weren’t on there. It didn’t make sense,” the KCK woman said.

The city said its parking division officers don't have the ability to run a license plate to check if a vehicle is stolen and said the officer in this case believed the car had tires when the tickets were written, so it didn’t appear suspicious.

The city also said it's not unusual for multiple tickets to get written up on the same vehicle.

But Abby doesn't buy it and thinks more should've been done and much sooner.

“If he would’ve taken the time to do a little bit more, I could’ve had my car a long time ago. I don’t think you need to have expert training to know something’s not right,” she said.

Instead, she and her boyfriend had to scrape together cash to buy another car. She had to find rides to work and ways to get her children to school and day care. Abby’s just hoping by sharing her story, this kind of thing won’t happen to someone else.

The city said Abby can bring in all those tickets, along with the police report showing her car had been stolen, and the fines will be waived. But she has received a letter, showing she must still appear in municipal court Nov. 15.

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