Suspect shot after police chase ends in Independence man’s front yard

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An early morning police pursuit through eastern Jackson County ended in Independence with one suspect shot.

Pink spray paint litters Mike Coppoc’s front yard at East 39th Street and South Woodland Avenue, as the suspect realized there was nowhere to go and tried to cut through this front yard.

“I woke up this morning to three gunshots, and it sounded like somebody banged on my house,” Coppoc said. “We looked out the window, and we counted. I think it was 32 cop cars between what was in the street and what was in my yard.”

Cell phone video taken from Coppoc’s front porch shows the moments after the chase ended. See the footage in the video player above.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said just before 7 a.m. Tuesday, deputies spotted a blue SUV matching the description of one involved in multiple calls about gunfire Monday evening.

Instead of pulling over, the driver took off.

“The GMC was parked here, and you can see the tracks where it landed across the front yard here,” Coppic said, pointing out the pink spray paint in his yard put there by investigators to illustrate where the vehicles landed. “Basically all they said is that they had a suspect that they thought had been involved in some shootings, and the officer said they landed in your front yard. All that I can say is that there was a shooting, and if you do bad things, bad things happen.”

Independence police said the shots fired calls happened close in time in the same general area.

The first one at 4:18 p.m. was a road rage incident at 23rd and Sterling.

An hour later, police say the same SUV was involved in a disturbance near East 25th Street and South Norwood Avenue.

Less than one hour after that, another shots fired call came in, this time near East 35th Street South and South Noland Road.

Then overnight a van was shot up on West 25th Street. A man in the SUV was shot.

Law enforcement officials aren't saying what caused one of the deputies to shoot the suspect, but the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said a gun was found in the SUV.

The condition of the man shot is unknown. Based on the last update from police, the deputy who shot him performed life saving measures on the suspect until he was transported to the hospital alive. A deputy had minor injuries.

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