Illegal dumpers drop six dumpsters filled with trash onto east Kansas City yard

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- City inspectors said it beats anything they've ever come across.

An anonymous tip led them to a yard where six dumpsters, still filled with sacks of garbage, had been dumped. It was enough to drive Curtis Whiters, who owns and operates Stewart Hauling, to pray for mercy.

"I prayed to Jehovah God and said, 'You need to help me take away the tension and the pain on this one,'" Whiters said.

Whiters, who's been part of his company's staff for 38 years, was furious as he led our FOX4 cameras on a tour of the grass lot at 22nd and Kensington. That lot, which sits across the street from Ashland Square Park, was covered in trash and refuse, as well as the dumpsters themselves.

"You got 12 yards of trash that have been dumped on this property," Whiters said.

City dumping inspectors said Whiters isn't the culprit who dumped the trash receptacles and garbage.

The trash inside, according to a city spokesperson, proves the discarded metal containers came from a nearby apartment complex. FOX4 News reached out to managers at that location, but our call wasn't returned on Wednesday.

Whiters said a new management group took over those apartments recently, and new supervisors didn't want to pay outstanding bills for trash pickup leftover by past managers. So they dumped his dumpsters, along with the trash inside.

He pointed out on several of the dumpsters where they had been mishandled during the unauthorized move, which left them unusable. Whiters said the dumpsters cost $3,800 apiece.

"They didn't want to pay because they felt like they weren't responsible for the property. The same owner owns the building," Whiters said. "They're supposed to be on concrete. They've put them in this field, and they've been crushed, and the wheels have been broken off."

The yard is owned by the city's land bank, and it backs up to several houses. There's currently no house on the land. Two neighbors said they were upset by the inconsiderate illegal dump.

Alan Ashurst, an illegal dumping inspector with KCMO, said it's a mystery who specifically moved the dumpsters and how they did it.

"This is unprecedented for me," Ashurst shrugged. "Setting them down without making a bunch of noise would take a piece of equipment. This is somebody with some know-how and some equipment for sure."

Ashurst said the weight of each of these discarded dumpsters makes them potential felony offenses. The trouble now is getting them out of that yard. For now, there`s no telling exactly how they got there.

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