Trailer filled with supplies stolen from metro charity supporting brain cancer research

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro charity is searching for its stolen trailer.

Someone took a trailer full of event supplies and educational materials from Head for the Cure. It was stolen at a parking area in south Kansas City. Arches, tents, tables, a sound system and countless other were items inside it.

Wednesday morning, the organization learned someone stole it all.

Head for the Cure uses the trailer and the things inside it to hold events like an annual 5K. At the events, they spread awareness about brain cancer and raise money for research.

They take the trailer to events all across the country. This past year, it traveled to 21 different cities. They planned to expand that to 33 cities next year, but without the trailer, that might not happen.

Head for the Cure's executive director said the theft is big disappointment and thinks the trailer may have already been stripped of its decals.

"I think you can image what it takes to actually put on an event for thousands of people," Jenna Heilman said. "All that costs a lot of money. So that's literally taking money out of brain cancer research that affects so many lives across the country."

The charity hopes someone will find it in the goodness of their heart to turn in the stolen trailer.

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