KCP&L customers to see reduced rates starting in December

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If you live in Missouri, your electric bill is about to go down.

A ruling against KCP&L means customers will not have to spend as much on electricity each month--somewhere between $3 and $5 a month.

It’s not much – about the cost of a cup of coffee – but it’s better than the alternative.

In January, KCP&L filed with the Missouri Public Service Commission to raise electric rates by one percent, which meant customers would pay around $3 more a month.

KCP&L argued it needed the extra money to cover the costs of improving its software, investing in solar energy, and offering help to customers struggling to pay their bills.

But over the summer, many KCP&L customers saw their electric bills skyrocket.

KCP&L officials blamed the hot summer months, saying record heat in June meant more customers were cranking up their air conditioning, using more electricity.

Customers suffered sticker shock when they saw their electric bills hundreds of dollars higher than usual, so they started a petition drive to lower rates.

It gathered more than 67,000 signatures and Thursday, the Missouri PSC ruled in favor of the customers – forcing KCP&L to lower its rates by 1.4-percent.

Customers should see the decrease starting with the December bill.

For customers in Kansas, KCP&L filed with the Kansas Corporation Commission to raise electric rates in Kansas by 4.5-percent in January – or around $7 more a month.

The KCC has not yet ruled on this request but should sometime soon.

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