Trick-or-treating teen hit by car on Halloween recovering from serious injuries

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Brittany McClure has always loved celebrating Halloween and making her own costume.

”This year she dressed up as a cat that’s been in a cat fight. Making her own costume is her way of using her imagination, and she just loves hanging out, having fun with her friends,” said Brittany’s mom, Amy Evans.

On Wednesday night, Brittany put on her cat costume, left her home in the Northland and went trick-or-treating with her 15- and 17-year-old friends.

The friends’ fun night of fright had just started. They were crossing North Brighton Avenue near N.E. 42nd Street when suddenly something awful happened.

”Her friend, police said was 20 is actually 17. He ran down and told me that she had been hit by that car. I rushed up there. It was so hard. She was just blocks from our house,” Evans said.

Brittany stopped in the middle of the road, hesitated and then got hit by a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Brittany McClure

”She remembers hearing a thunk, and then she’s flying in the air and hit the ground. She said she did look both ways and thought the road was clear,” Evans said.

”When I was getting up there, I just kept saying, 'Oh God, just let her be alive. I don’t care. Just let her be alive,'" she said.

The frantic mom’s prayers were answered. Her daughter was seriously hurt -- but alive.

Paramedics rushed a badly bruised Brittany to the hospital with two fractures in her spine, cuts, bruises and two damaged teeth.

”She has a little piece of metal that’s holding one front tooth up in place because it almost completely fell out. She also has internal and external stitches in her forehead,” the girl’s mother said.

It’s a traumatic and tough time for the Winnetonka sophomore who loves running on her school’s cross country team, singing in the choir and being a member of her school’s art club.

Two years ago when she was just 14, Brittany was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy; however, she was put on a series of medications.

The brave teen teen survived that battle and beat the odds.

”Right now, we’re cancer free, so she’s doing better. She’s a fighter, and that’s why you know she gives me hope. She’s gonna fight through this,” Evans said as she fought back tears.

Brittany was released from the hospital late Friday night and is now at home recovering. Her mom said she'll be on bed rest for a while.

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