Metro kids make like Mahomes at Kansas City flag football league championship

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It wasn't a pro game, but it's the closest some metro kids will ever get to playing at Patrick Mahomes' level.

Inside the Chief's Practice Facility Sunday afternoon, whistles blew and shouts echoed off the walls.

Along the turf, roughly 100 children ran back and forth. Parents called out, sometimes cheered. And in the back corner, with the rest of her teammates, Ann Thompson practiced.

After all, the Kansas City Metro Sports Flag Football League Championships was on the line.

"I want to be an NFL football player," the 11 year old said. "I want to play here for the Chiefs - I want to be on the Chiefs team."

Throughout the facility, on a dozen other teams, other kids thought the same thing. Some threw footballs back and forth over their coaches heads. Little brothers pretended to catch a ball and dove on the Chiefs logo painted on the middle of the field.

Coach Tilden Trotter coached a team of fourth grade boys in this year's league. Last year, he coached the winning team - a group of sixth graders.

"Some of these kids haven't been here before, haven't been to a Chief's game," Trotter explained. "But to be on this field, it's wonderful. Matter of fact, they're playing well today too, because off this wonderful field."

Snapping, blocking, intercepting, scoring. in other words, living a dream.

"It's a motivation factor for them." Trotter said. "So they're excited, everyone's excited, I'm excited."

Excitement is the goal of the event; that, and physical activity.

"We want to make sure the kids are getting out and playing a lot," said Waymond King, who organized the League Championship in his position at the Boys and Girls Club.

"So there are kids here that have a lot of talent," he said, "but there's also kids here - young men and young women - who just want to play the sport and run around and we want to give them an opportunity to do that."

It's also an opportunity to learn. As Taliyah Young said, "just because you drop the ball doesn't mean you'll do it again. You can still catch some other balls."

For example, we learned that two of the best players on the field today are girls.

"It's fun. I get to show everyone that I'm better than the boys," said Thompson, the aspiring Chiefs player, "and they always say that I'm the best ones on the team and I'm going to crush them, and make all the other boys tired."

But it's also about sportsmanship and struggle. "Some team's going to win, some's going to lose," said King of the Boys and Girls club, "and just dealing with adversity and working together and being a gracious winner, as well as losing with humility."

The winners for the KC Metro Sports Flag Football League are the KC Parks and Rec teams. They swept the 2nd-3rd grade division and the 4th-6th grade division.

But on Sunday on the chief's practice field no one thought about losing. They thought this might be a glimpse into their future.

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