Driver crashes through Olathe store front, hospitalizing four who were inside salon

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A trip to a Johnson County beauty salon ended with four people hospitalized on Friday. Police say a man drove his SUV into an Olathe salon near West Willow Drive and South Clairborne Road.

The crash happened just after 1 p.m., destroying the store front. The owner of the convenience store next door said this isn’t this first time something like this has happened in the area.

“It was horrible, as far as I know one of the owners, Brenda, got pinned to the wall,” said Sameer Damani, the owner of Clairborne Conoco next door.

Damani said his wife called him to tell him that an elderly man crashed into the beauty store next door.

“When I came here they were pulling the SUV out and I spoke to the other owners here... it`s a bad situation,” Damani added.

He said the owner of New Reflections Salon was taken to Overland Park Regional.

“Everybody is shaken up because of this ... it`s bad,” Damani said.

Olathe police say four people inside the salon were injured, but they're expected to recover. The driver wasn't hurt.

Damani described two similar crashes.

“There was a car that came through our store too about six years ago, one went through the liquor store four or five years ago... it wasn`t this bad though, this was the whole car inside, the other time it was just the nose of the car inside the store,” added Damani. “Same thing, it was an older driver, and he thought he was in reverse and he wasn`t, and he just floored it, went straight through the thing.”

Police say the driver is cooperating with the investigation.

“There are girls that have been working there for 20 something years, all three girls; that`s their livelihood, it`s a bad setback, it`s horrible,” said Damani.

Now, Damani is hoping maybe some safety changes will be added to the area.

“It`s just horrible, things could have been different if they put guardrails around the store, it`s happened so many times, could have been avoided,” Damani said.

Olathe police are still investigating.

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