Farm and ranch company announces move to former Toys “R” Us distribution center in Lee’s Summit

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- A new distribution center is opening soon in Lee's Summit, filling the space vacated by Toys "R" Us, and with the new center will come new jobs.

If you’ve never heard of Mid-States Distributing Company before, it touts itself as the leading United States and Canadian farm and ranch retail store cooperative. Mid-States' president and CEO joined Lee’s Summit’s mayor and members of the economic development council to announce Mid-States has purchased the former Toys "R" Us distribution center.

The company plans to invest more than $35 million dollars in its new center and will serve as a centralized distribution point. Mid-States is hiring and plans to bring on as many as 35 employees in the next month. The first shipment is set to leave the new distribution center in early January.

“The infrastructure is in place, racking and conveyors and stations and a lot of things we would have to invest in are already here. Secondly, it’s expandability. We are going to start out and occupy about a third to half of the building, but our growth plans suggest we’re going to need the whole building in the next two to five years," president and CEO Tom Mahlke said.

“Our members are all family-owned businesses. These are founders that created these businesses, many are third or fourth generation that have been passed on. They are just salt of the earth really core value type of people. And that’s what we’re all about. We believe in relationships, we believe in people."

If you want to know more about jobs and find out how to apply, click on this link.

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