Olathe neighbors raise concerns about potential Casey’s store near neighborhood

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OLATHE, Kan. -- An Olathe neighborhood is raising concerns about plans for a new convenience store.

Casey's General Store is eyeing a new store near 135th and Brougham on the site of a former Aldi. The intersection is already pretty busy, seeing an estimated 250 cars an hour all day.

But some estimates predict that number could skyrocket if Casey's builds a convenience store there.

Briarwood is a beautiful, established neighborhood in Olathe. The quietness tucked in the busy suburb is why many families moved here.

"It's pretty trees. It's an older neighborhood, really well sought after and really good community," homeowner Jill Kessler said.

But now homeowners fear their peaceful community could be upended.

Casey's is considering building a brand new convenience store with up to 20 pump stations. Design specs are already splashed on the company's website.

"This isn't going to work out," homeowner Adrienne Morgan said. "There's too many issues with traffic, and I think that's the main thing."

Although there are a few other gas stations within blocks, the traffic pattern is unique.

If it stays as is, traffic exiting Casey's would dump out on a residential street, the entrance to Briarwood, which is already a popular cut-through for other nearby thoroughfares.

And there's no designated right turn lane into the property, which could bottleneck traffic at the entryway, especially during rush hour.

"So many cars in and out, in and out, in that small area. And it would make that light at the front of our neighborhood just a mess," Morgan said.

There's also a nearby school and nature trail that currently cuts right through the abandoned Aldi parking lot. It's enough for the Morgans' to even consider moving.

"As a homeowner, we think, 'Wow, is this going to change our property values?'" Morgan said.

The plans are very early in the process. So far, Casey's has yet to apply for any zoning changes or permits.

Neighbors are hoping to educate others in the community, so they can make their voices heard as the project moves forward.

"I hope people do make their own idea and do something about it and stop it if it needs to be stopped and suggest maybe some other options that could be there," Kessler said.

The city of Olathe told FOX4 they've only had a pre-development meeting with Casey's to explain the application process so far, and that it's too soon to comment about the project since no formal paperwork has been submitted.

Casey's said it's committed to addressing safety concerns and is working to set up a neighborhood meeting to look at possible resolutions.

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