Blue Springs airman has car stolen during homecoming trip to meet his baby boy

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. --  A military homecoming, interrupted by a thief.

The Air Force granted leave to Blaine Caudill so he could meet his newborn baby boy. Now he's scrambling after someone stole his car parked outside his home.

Baby Jaxx was born on Sunday, a Veterans Day bundle of joy for his Air Force dad. While he was enjoying time with his new baby, someone stole his car with important military gear and documentation inside.

Caudill was at the Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, when Jaxx was born. He rushed to Blue Springs and arrived to meet his first son on Wednesday.

"I got in, unpacked the vehicles and stuff," Caudill said. "I didn't unpack everything just because I was so excited. I have two daughters and new guy here."

Caudill had been in Mississippi for four months. Thursday morning, after spending quality time with his new baby, the master sergeant with 15 years in the Air Force went outside to get the rest of his luggage.

His car was gone.

Blaine Caudill and baby Jaxx

"I had all my military uniforms. I'm actually going overseas," Caudill said. "I fly out December 1 for a 365 tour. And all my medical records, deployment records, everything that I need to get overseas was in the vehicle."

Airline tickets and sensitive information were all taken along with his 2009 black Honda Civic. Caudill is asking for whoever stole his property to give it back, so he can focus on time with his family before his year long tour.

"It's not really that it's hard. It`s just the fact that I have to go out and try to reach out and find that kind of stuff and get that stuff replaced," Caudill said. "I'm only here another two weeks, and I have two young daughters and then him. So it kind of takes my attention away from where it should be."

Caudill plans to go to Whiteman AFB to get his military paperwork together. He said he'll have to pay for new uniforms. He has a lot to look forward to over the next couple weeks he has at home.

"In the military, we've been gone quite a bit and just the chance to see him and hold him and everything like that is just a totally different experience than seeing him on an iPad or whatever," Caudill said.

Caudill's car is a 2009 black Honda Civic with a University of Central Missouri alumni sticker on the back right window. Call Blue Springs police if you've seen it.

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