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‘They are not alone’: Metro teacher offering bullied students an escorted ride to school

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- It's no secret that bullying is a big problem across the nation and here in the metro. Now, one metro high school instructor is using his passion for cars to stand up against bullying.

Anna and Chris Bergen organized the "Ride for Derrin" after watching the now viral video of an Independence teen beaten and bullied with a gun pointed at his head.

"My favorite part of the day was when he got on the megaphone and thanked everyone himself," Anna Bergen said.

The thank you was so powerful that it helped inspire an even larger action.

Chris Bergen is an automotive instructor. He decided to use his love of cars to provide an even larger life lesson by offering to give bullied students an escorted ride to class.

"If they want to be driven to school is a classic car and that will make them feel better, then we will drive them to school in a classic car," Chris Bergen said.

It's an important classroom lesson that Chris Bergen hopes will resonate even outside the school walls.

"The idea behind this was to let these kids know they are not alone, and they can walk into school a little bit prouder than they did before that happened," Anna Bergen said.

If you know someone who has been bullied and would appreciate the special ride, you can contact Chris and Anna Bergen at or

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