Kansas City fulfills promise, tows dozens of abandoned vehicles in Old Northeast

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Four days after a warning, Kansas City police made good on a promise to tow dozens of vehicles abandoned on city streets Friday.

On Tuesday, parking control officers tagged 247 abandoned cars, vans and SUVs. KCPD has two parking lots that they will fill up, and they might need more than that when all is said and done.

"This is crazy, they just come down here and they towed my friend's car," Brandy Neeley told FOX4.

A red SUV was one of 10 cars towed off of North Kansas Avenue; abandoned and junked cars littered the streets of the Historic Northeast no more.

"Ninety percent of them won't come get them, 10 percent will," tow truck driver J.D. said.

He has been towing cars for KCPD for years and has seen it all. JD is just one of dozens of tow truck drivers who was cleaning up the streets in KCPD's push to de -clutter Northeast neighborhoods.

"Or you get people like, the motor blows up and they don't fix it, they just let it sit in front of their house. And then you will get cars that are missing parts," he described.

"I mean I think it is good they are picking up abandoned vehicles and all, but these cars are not abandoned.," Neeley said.

Neeley was unsuccessful trying to stop her friend's car from being towed. The rule is you can only leave your car on the street in Kansas City for two days without moving it. It is just 10 hours on a highway, then they can be towed. On Tuesday, the parking control officers tagged the ones that had signs of sitting still too long.

The city has not done a sweep like this in years. Neeley's friend better go get his car if he wants it back or it will belong to someone else.

"Third Tuesday of every month they have an auction, and it just depends, there are 250 to 400 cars every month that has been towed, and they sell. I mean that is how they recuperate their money to pay us to tow them," J.D. said.

Not all of the cars were towed because they broke down. Some of them will end up having been stolen or involved in crimes.

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