KCK Christmas tree lights up for the 14th year at Legends

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- With Christmas trees lighting up all around the metro, including one at the Legends Saturday night, you could say it officially looks like the Holiday Season.

At the Legends in Kansas City, Kan., it’s the 14th time the Christmas tree has lit up; it’s become quite a legend itself.

“We try to get out here every single year,” said Adam Benlon as his children got their faces painted. “It’s a great opportunity to try to start the holiday season off a little bit before Thanksgiving. And the kids love it - and Christmas trees, face painting, what else do you need?”

The Henderson family crowded around Santa’s lap. They hope this event becomes family lore. “We all just love this time of year,” said Bryan with a smile, surrounded by his wife Brandi, and children Bailey and Braxton.

For others, it’s the beginning of their family. Moments before the Christmas tree lit up, a woman’s face lit up when her boyfriend proposed to her. (She said yes.)

If your inner Grinch is already itching, that 39 1/2 foot pole is dwarfed by the 45 foot high Christmas tree, and the business it brings.

Katie Parra owns the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shop at the Legends. On Saturday, she was handing out free treats and hot chocolate.

“Tonight is huge: real close, next to Valentine’s Day, its one of our busiest days of the year,” she said between putting lids on cups and handing them out.

Parra said the Christmas tree lighting sets up business for the rest of 2018.

“And then it always drives traffic into the store,” she said, handing out two more cups to two children, “which is always nice for our small business as well.” She turned to their parents. “Hey guys, thank you!”

The sidewalks at the Legends were crowded for a Saturday night, and continued for hours. Because Santa and the Christmas lights drum up the holiday season, both in spirit and shopping.

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