KCMO Health Department reviews food disposal practices in response to resident concerns

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  --  The Kansas City, Missouri Health Department has published updated FAQs on its website  stating that its inspectors will no longer pour bleach onto food in situations such as the Free Hot Soup group's feeding of the homeless earlier this month.

On November 4, the group called Free Hot Soup was feeding the homeless at Davis Park when KCMO Health Department inspectors poured bleach on the food and said a permit would be needed to serve food in area parks.

The KCMO Health Department now states in its Nov. 16 FAQ that the Free Hot Soup group will still need a permit to serve food to the public, and although the $25 fee will be waived, online or in-person classes must be completed to obtain a permit.

A member of a Free Hot Soup Facebook page has posted a reply to the KCMO Health Department FAQs, stating in its response that "Free Hot Soup"  is not a charitable group, but is a reference to a handful of closed Facebook communities in which permits and oversight are not applicable.