Group aims to end hunger in Kansas City by 2025

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Feed a man today, and feed the entire metro by 2025. That's the lofty goal for NourishKC.

The non-profit usually only offers free breakfast and lunch on the weekdays, but it opened its doors Sunday for a special exception.

The group started accepting pledges Sunday as it begins spit-balling ways to end hunger in seven years.

"We know Kansas City is supportive in ending hunger, so this is our kickoff to get those pledges and really kickstart the conversations on how we can make that happen," said Senior Director of Programs Christina Esteban. "It's really a community effort, so really raising the awareness is what's needed first."

Esteban said in 2019, they're going to get involved in how they are going to rescue food more, delivery of food services and collaborating more.

"It's just a wide variety of aspects and looking at it from a systemic approach."

And those approaches vary based on location and population. "Our long-term plan is really building those collaborations with communities," she said, "and how we're going to look at that may be different within each county, each neighborhood."

Esteban said ending hunger has far reaching implications outside of rumbling stomachs.

"We need to look at how this can affect so many different aspects of Kansas City," she said. "Workforce development, crime, education, health, and just really long-term self-sufficiency for our families in Kansas City."

If you would like to get involved in the effort, or offer money to NourishKC, Click or Tap here.

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