2 years later, Northland couple still looking for answers on who murdered their grandson

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Just a few days before Thanksgiving, a set of Northland grandparents will struggle through the holidays. Two years later, Lee and Peggy Evans still don’t know who abducted and murdered their 22-year-old grandson.

Lee and Peggy Evans raised their grandson Logan Minton.

“It was great having a boy in the house after having two girls," Peggy said.

The 22-year-old was supposed to head to their riverside home to watch a Chiefs game on September 18, 2016. A phone call changed that.

Peggy had gone to the store to stock up on football favorites since Logan was coming.

“I remember the game wasn’t until like three o’clock that day. I knew I had all kinds of time. So I was just walking through the grocery store and Lee called me. He never calls and checks on me and he said, ‘Are you about done?’ And I said, ‘Well I was thinking about going to Sam’s.’ He said, ‘No you need to come home,’ and he hung up."

As she pulled up her street, Peggy said she knew. “I didn’t want to get out of my car. I didn’t want to get out of my car because I knew it was bad; and it was.”

Logan’s grandfather Lee said, “It was just a sudden shock. The thing that hurts the most too is that he was shot in North Kansas City and taken straight to the hospital and pronounced dead. We never got to hug him, see him, kiss him goodbye, or anything like that.”

“It’s believed that Logan was abducted from a residence in Kansas City," NKCPD Detective Justin Holn said.

Police said someone abducted Logan, drove him around in his own car, and when he tried to escape, someone shot him to death.

“It was a robbery situation," Lee said. "They were trying to get him back to his apartment. They felt that there was money or something there, because it started over town and they were trying to get back to Riverside. As he was going through North Kansas City is when he jumped out.”

He jumped out near the QuikTrip at Armour and Knox. His family said that’s when he was shot.

“They do feel that there was definitely more than one person; one driving and one in the backseat because he was on video down there," Lee said. "They can’t see faces, but they can see that the shot came out of the backseat.”

Peggy continued, “Logan was a strong young man so it had to have been some big people in there. He wouldn’t have gone down without a fight. I know that.”

Peggy said the pair loves their other three grandchildren very much.

“They bring me joy. It’s not that I don’t have some joy in my life, but it’s outweighed by the pain of not having him around. They’ve got a puzzle and there are just a couple pieces missing. No matter how small that tip might be, it might be just what the detectives need.”

Det. Holn said, “That can be somebody overhearing a conversation in a restaurant, in a bar; it can be something fairly insignificant to that person but it might be something that breaks open the case for us.”

After his death, Logan’s car was missing for several months before police found it. They are testing some DNA from the vehicle. They also need people who know the details of that night to call CrimeStoppers.

Anonymous phone line: 816-474-8477

The reward in Logan’s case is up to $10,000 cash. The pickup and drop off of reward money is never done face-to-face.


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