Joe’s Weather World: Listen to the new podcast series

Kansas City’s first podcast dedicated to the world of weather is now online.

Join FOX4 meteorologist Joe Lauria for “Joe’s Weather World” as he talks about all things weather. He’ll answer a lot of the why’s and what’s that make our weather (and the weather elsewhere) so fascinating.

Cleaning Up After a Tornado with Emergency Manager Chuck Magaha

The 2019 EF-4 tornado that hit the Linwood, Kansas area was devastating. This podcast features the emergency manager of Leavenworth County, Chuck Magaha. He reveals some of the lessons learned from the tornado and the recovery process that is still ongoing in southern Leavenworth County.

Chasing and Reporting an EF-4 Tornado

In this special edition of Joe’s Weather World, Meteorologist Michelle Bogowith, Meteorologist Karli Ritter and Photojournalist Jerry Paauwe talk about their experiences covering the May 28th tornado that tore through the KC metro. The storm became an EF-4 and crossed right in front of Bogowith and Pawee, injuring 18 people in the Kansas suburbs along its 31-mile path.

Deadly Weather in Kansas City

FOX4 Meteorologist Joe Lauria sits down with Bill Snook of the Kansas City Health Department to talk about the deadliest form of extreme weather in KC, and why you should pay attention to more than tornadoes and flooding.

Talking Grass with The Royals

FOX4 Meteorologist sits down with the Senior Director of Grounds and Landscaping, Trevor Vance, from the Kansas City Royals to talk about how the weather affects what he does, and how he keeps the field so green while all of our grass turns brown. He has a lot of challenges in his job, and he’ll explain how he overcomes them during this sit-down.

The Weather Triad: Emergency Management

There are 3 important facets of the weather enterprise…all 3 work together to prepare you and to help keep you safe when life¬†threatening weather occurs. We cover the media aspect…we covered the National Weather Service aspect and this podcast covers the Emergency Management aspect. Emergency Managers are import for a variety of reasons…but are in every county and they are here for you too. This podcast talks about their importance and the role they play in keeping you safe.

Air Quality: Understanding and Acting

The Mid America Regional Council or MARC helps TV meteorologists with air quality forecasts each day. During the spring and summer months depending on weather conditions and other factors, sometimes the air quality can be harmful. This podcast is dedicated to why that occurs and what those alerts really mean. Also what all of us can do to try to help out with the state of our air!

The Weather Triad: The National Weather Service

There are many facets of the weather enterprise. TV is the most known…but a group of dedicated men and women at the National Weather Service do tremendous work in providing TV stations with reliable and life saving information that we relay to you our viewers. I interviewed Andy Bailey from the NWS in Pleasant Hill, MO about their role in alerting the public about the weather and severe weather especially.

How To Become a Meteorologist

So many people tell us about their kids who are interested in meteorology and what is needed to get into the field of weather as a career. I talk to KU student Gabriella Gomez, who’s about to graduate this spring, about her decision and what she has gone through to get her degree in meteorology. The ups and downs of her decisions and the hardest parts of completing her studies.

Recapping 2018’s Crazy Weather

From the heat and drought to the record-breaking cold temperatures, Joe breaks down his biggest weather events of 2018.

Unusual Temperatures and Arctic Epicenters

This podcast talks about the crazy weather the KC area has experienced.  Joe talks about the snow so far this year and what it means for the winter.

Welcome to Joe’s Weather World

Joe talks about his first podcast and the weather in KC.

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