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Chef Jasper shares his recipe for Pugliese custard-filled puff pastries

Zabaglione & 'Sporca Muss’ Cream Puffs
Makes 18

1 cup water
1 cup flour
1 tablespoon Crisco or
½ cup butter
pinch salt
3 eggs
Powdered sugar for dusting


Bring water, Crisco and salt to boil in a small pot. Remove from heat. Add flour. Mix thoroughly. Add eggs, one at a time. Mixture will separate after adding each egg but do not worry; it will form back together.

Drop a large tablespoon of batter onto a prepared baking sheet. Bake shells in 400F oven for 25 to 35 minutes or until puffed and golden brown.

It is important that the puffs are golden/crisp or they may collapse. Remove from oven and cool completely and fill with Italian pastry cream. Dust with powdered sugar and serve.

Italian Pastry Cream
3 egg yolks
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
⅔ cup sugar
½ tablespoon cornstarch
½ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon flour
3 cups milk


Mix flour and cornstarch and sugar in a 2-quart pot. Add milk until all mixed together and bring all to a boil. Whisk egg yolks in a bowl.
Take ½ cup of hot milk and mix with eggs, then add back to all of milk mixture. Add vanilla. Pastry cream will thicken. Remove from heat and pour in bowl.
Top with film so a crust does not form. Cool before refrigerating.
Chill for three hours before filling cream puffs.

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