Metro residents wait in long lines to pick up their turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Have you picked up your Thanksgiving turkey yet? Time is running out. At some metro meat markets, people are waiting on long lines to make sure they have the Thanksgiving essential.

At Fritz's in Leawood, the line went out the doors and around the building for most of Tuesday. The wait to buy the turkey was about an hour.

"This is the best smoke place in town," Alex Carson said. "It makes the turkey taste like ham."

He doesn't mind the long wait. It was so busy, the business had to set up chairs inside. Carson has been getting his smoked turkeys from Fritz's for about a decade.

"We are going to do upwards of about 4,500-4,700 turkeys," said Kurt McDonald, the manager of Fritz's. "The room stays filled with about 60-70 people. About 40-140 people waiting outside. Cold and hot, they wait for that turkey."

Fritz's manager said Tuesday would likely be the busiest day of the year. They'll see about 1,000 customers with more than 100 likely waiting at any given time.

It was a busy sales day cross the state line at McGonigle's, but they're expecting Wednesday to be their busiest day of the year.

"We've been taking orders for the last six weeks, getting ready for the holiday," owner Mike McGonigle said.

The shop expects to sell about 4,000 turkeys for Thanksgiving.

"We are busting out of our walls here," he said.

On Tuesday, people waited about 20 minutes for their birds.

"It`s my first time buying three. I have to smoke one, deep fry one and cook one traditionally,"

That's a lot of turkey.

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